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SUMO! sumo kite, if you will...
for the benefit of mr. kite.

this is my baby.

shooter &him love each other, he snores, he snorts, he's like
a little piggy, he's everything i hoped for. my little
frenchie man!

last night we decided a name.
he still needs his own last name
but he finally has a first!

the name the breeder gave him
was hank. no,thanks!
my little man's name
will be ____.

to be announced when i get him!
hopefully by the end of next week.

i am a very happy girl...

and this is why.

that's my little fatfat man.
should be coming home next week.
still undecided on a name.


i don't even think you have to know much about, or even
appreciate horses/english riding to realize how AWESOME
those horses and riders are! i will never again tell myself
i am a good rider until i can untack while cantering
and go over a jump, holding my saddle over my head.
and that may seem rediculous, but just watch the video.
i am seriously drooling with envy @ their riding skills.